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Sulla poesia eternatrice di F. Vetere un contributo di M. Vicchio

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A F. Vetere, La poesia eternatrice, risponde F. Todino con “A proposito di poesia eternatrice”


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  • Published: Dec 12th, 2012
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Un articolo su Angelo Perrone

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Perrone Serra, Concetta (2012), Angelo Perrone, figura di eroe, artista e scrittore calabrese, nel ricordo della figlia. Centrum Latinitatis Europae, punto CLE Rende.


M.G. Coccimiglio presenta Pasquale Rossi, umanista e scienziato cosentino

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F. Vetere, La poesia eternatrice di valori

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Mainikka, Le bambole di Euripide

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Mainikka Mainardi M. (2012), Le bambole pericolose di Euripide. Humanitas Nova, febbraio 2012

Being forcedly isolated in a harmless, induced stupidity, in order to keep her dangerousness under control, the woman is a victim of cultural misoginy, which reduces her to a ‘doll’. The man can play with her, continuously belittle her, and throw her away as he likes. However, Euripides must have experienced that the woman is unlikely to accept humiliation without striking a blow; therefore, his heroines are able to find a logic in their most dangerous irrationality; and it is under the guidance of this logic that they tragically act.

Pucci, Nascita del calcolo differenziale

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This paper presents a synthetic excursus across the centuries about the differential calculus. Archimedes represents the first sample of the building with his exhaustive method to which addictive and original contributions have been added by Leibniz and Newton giving bones to this new branch of mathematics. In fact by means of the discovery of the differentiation and of the integration the main line towards the infinitesimal calculus will be opened. Here it is possible to find out the pathos of the scientists as well as of the ones who have made them live.

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Quaranta, L’Empatia: da Novalis ai neuroni specchio

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