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CLE Genova, Convegno 22 aprile 2012

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Convegno di studi su “Humanitas classica e cristiana” a Genova presso il Convento dei Padri Agostiniani Scalzi, sabato 21 aprile e domanica 22 aprile 2012.

In allegato trovate la locandina dell’evento:

Oniga, Contro la post-religione. Per un nuovo umanesimo cristiano

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The book has been written by a Latin Language and Literature’s professor of Udine University and it’s introduced by the sparkling preface of Marc Fumaroli, a French academic. It has the merit of illustrating a vision of world (the Christian one) and exalting values (the classical ones) which nowaday constitute nearly a taboo. In fact, they are too often considered to be old, useless or even harmful and, anyhow, certainly wrong, fictitious, absurd. The author sifts the truth of these accusations in a way that is scientific and comprehensible at the same time, thanks to the presence of foot notes that don’t disturb the non specialistic reading.

Oniga, Classici e Cristianesimo

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The humanistic conception, summarized by the classical words paideia and humanitas, is exploited by the theological nucleus of Christian faith, as we find it in the New Testament and in the works of the Fathers of the Church. For this reason, today the schools of Christianity display the peculiar characteristic to give a crucial relevance to the role of classical studies in the process of education. Not by chance, in the last years, a violent anti-humanistic propaganda begins to fight against both the classics and the Christianity.

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